Jet Polish Stain Removal

Many of our patients complain of a build-up of staining caused by smoking, coffee/tea, red wine and general living.

We are now able to offer Jet Polish Stain Removal which is carried out by our Therapist, Emma.

Jet polishing fires a jet of compressed air, water and fine sodium bicarbonate particles at the surface of the teeth to gently polish the surface and remove debris. It cleans your teeth thoroughly removing any superficial stains and giving you an instantly whiter smile without bleaching.

The treatment is not a chemical treatment and therefore there will be no risk of any irritation or chemical burns. Jet polishing is an advanced version of a scaling and polish treatment, and the patient will walk away the same day with amazing, clean results.

 [TOP TIP: Don’t wear your best black top to your Jet Polish appointment because you will come away with a fine dusting of minute white particles around the neck area

Jet Polish Stain Removal